The benefits to hire a team over a single realtor.

A distinguished team-oriented approach

Fostering customer satisfaction is our top priority at Mackay Group. So how do we uphold our renowned standards of service? The answer: it’s all about teamwork. See for yourself.

The single realtor

The real estate team

Exceptional service, 24h a day

A single realtor can only deal with one person at a time. Each time they start talking to someone else, they stop serving you. They can only work to sell your house every once in a while.

While a realtor who works with a team deals with other clients, their staff takes care of scheduling visits, advertising, and qualifying home buyers for your property. We’re continuously serving you!

Higher selling price

A realtor who can generate more demand for your property is in a better position to sell it at a higher price.

Most single realtors have limited funds to allocate to advertise their listed properties.

Our teams are made of experts in every aspect of a transaction. You can count of each of our realtors’ strengths, which saves you time and money!

Best in class for customer service. Period.