Mackay Group leads the way with real estate teams in Quebec.

Our philosophy

You can get anything you wish for in life if you help out enough people get what they desire.

Our success story

Efficiency, excellence, performance. We built our success story by forming real estate teams. They accomplish more work, faster for all home buyers and sellers.

Our mission

Be a leader in real estate by delivering highly professional service through skill, transparency, and diligence. As a result, we offer a memorable experience to our clients.

Our vision

To deliver nothing but the most excellent service to our clients through teamwork, and become a leader in the field in Quebec.

Our values

Serve our clients, exceed expectations, foster personal growth of all team members, and strive for excellence.

Teaming up for better
real estate

We believe in the power of real estate teams because it’s simply the best way to deliver the highest standard of service to clients. This is the core of our approach: work better to serve better. Mackay Group strives to offer enjoyable working conditions, coaching opportunities, and work-life balance. A 5-star service for you and our clients alike!

Find out why we’re the best
Work with the best
Tried and Tested

Our refined process lets realtors focus on buying and selling properties (and do what they love to do!).

Support and Resources

Mackay Group specializes in real estate teams. We understand the needs of this particular industry model.


Boost your business growth like never before. Our vast network and mentorship opportunities will give you wings.