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The real estate teams expert in Quebec.

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Collaboration. Resources. Performance

If you’re passionate about selling homes and if customer service is at the core of your work ethics, Mackay Group wants to hear from you! You’ll benefit from unparalleled support so you can buy and sell faster than ever before. Sign up now!

Profile wanted

Here what it takes to be part of the leading real estate agency:

  • Excellent client service
  • Dynamism and leadership
  • Spirit of collaboration
  • Adaptation to change
  • Proactive
  • Professional growth

Working with the Mackay Agency is enabling competitive benefits

Your passion

Mackay Group's approach enables realtors to focus on research and development. Mackay Group approach allows brokers to focus on finding and selling properties


Real estate team specialist, Mackay Group is the best banner to support your career in the industry.

An extensive network

Take advantage of an exceptional business network to boost your sales.


We encourage working conditions that balance your professional and personal life.


We encourage your professional and personal growth through a continuing education program.

Realtors of tomorrow

Mackay Group is adapting to the market and the transformation of the business by promoting the concept of real estate team.

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